Attention: Funeral Directors, Casket Wholesalers and Retailers!

Are you still paying US casket manufacturers top dollar for "wholesale caskets"?

  • Gain full access to the lowest-priced caskets on the planet

    Gain full access to the lowest-priced caskets on the planet

  • Attain complete knowledge and confidence in the import process

    Attain complete knowledge and confidence in the import process

  • Demystify the Importing Process

    Demystify the Importing Process

  • Learn how to minimize receiving damaged caskets

    Learn how to minimize receiving damaged caskets

  • Offer your customers the best deal in your area

    Offer your customers the best deal in your area

  • Lower your costs & increase profits

    Lower your costs & increase profits

Gain Access to "How To Import Caskets From China"

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Paying Too Much For Caskets?

Can’t Figure Out The Import Process?

  • Are you still paying US casket manufacturers top dollar for “wholesale caskets”?
  • Or, do you buy Chinese caskets from US wholesale casket companies, but are too afraid or unsure how to import them yourself?
  • You’ve read everything online on how to independently import caskets from China, yet you still can’t get the complete picture to confidently do it yourself.
  • Do the mixed feelings of frustration and fear have you paralyzed, as you continue paying more for caskets than your competitors?


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Are Your Competitors Stealing Your Customers?

  • You continue on, day after day, paying more for caskets than you need to, charging higher prices and losing customers to competitors who get their caskets for less than you do.
  • In the end, you’re stuck with overpriced caskets, not feeling sophisticated to “import” from China, while competitors gain more and more of the market in your area.



Does this sound like you?

Well… it doesn’t have to any more.

Casket Importers Are Actually Hiding The Import Process From You

  • It’s not your fault that you can’t figure it out with a few Google searches. Wholesale casket companies and funeral casket importers, and consultants don’t want you to understand the process, because it will put them out of business.
  • Not me! I want you to pay the LEAST amount possible for caskets. Hear me out and you’ll be paying less than your competitors for caskets, or at the very least the same amount they are.
  • One Source China LLC’s “How To Import Caskets From China” is a step-by-step “How To” manual showing you how to import caskets on your own, without any stress or uncertainty.

Let Me Pull Back The Curtain For You




The “How To Import Caskets From China” Guide:

How To Import Caskets From China eBook Cover

  • With the help of this guide, you could be placing your first order of caskets in just 24 hours, with complete confidence and peace of mine.
  • Imagine what it would be like to know that you are paying the LOWEST prices on the planet for funeral caskets. Imagine knowing that you are paying the same price as your competitors, or perhaps even less.


About The Authordr-jonathan-higgins-chinese-casket-importer

  • Since 2006, importer Dr. Jonathan Higgins has imported 1,000s of Chinese caskets direct from casket factories in China.
  • In addition, for the past 12 years, Dr. Higgins has provided his consulting services to casket wholesalers, funeral homes, and casket retail helping them navigate through the complicated maze of importing from China.

The “How To Import Caskets From China” guide will:

  • Identify the “trustworthy” factories to purchase from.
  • Provide access to a complete showroom of all casket styles manufactured by the factories.
  • Provide an up-to-date price list.
  • Demystify the “frightening” process of wiring your money to Chinese banks.
  • Show you how to ensure the manufacturing quality of the caskets BEFORE they are shipped to you.
  • Reveal the process of how to have your caskets shipped to your warehouse.
  • Show you what to do if you receive damaged caskets.
  • Show you how you can gain “phone access” to me if you want some hand-holding during your first order.

With this guide to importing caskets, you can now:

  • Pay the lowest price on the planet for funeral caskets.
  • Understand CLEARLY the entire importing process, transforming you into a CONFIDENT importer who knows what they are doing.
  • Turn your casket business into the market leader in your area.
  • Become a savvy Chinese casket importer, offering the best price caskets to your customers.

The Story Of My First Client

I landed my first client in the Spring of 2006. Bob was a retail casket store owner in Georgia. Bob had done all his research. He had carefully researched a handful of Chinese casket manufacturers online. One of them was even the Chinese casket factory that we believe to be producing the best quality casket in China. He was really eager to buy caskets direct from the factory, because it would reduce his costs by $300 to $400 per casket. He was buying from USA-based wholesale caskets they he knew were Chinese made. Yet Bob didn’t dare move forward. He was scared… and I don’t blame him.

His greatest fear was wiring the nearly $10,000 down payment to the Chinese factory’s bank. He just couldn’t gather up the courage to do it. I sympathized with Bob. There are plenty of scams out there. How can you be sure that you will ever see that $10,000 again, or the affordable caskets they are supposed to buy? Read on…

To add to his fear, he had no idea HOW to have the caskets delivered to him. It’s not like they are delivered by UPS or FedEx. “How does it all work?”, he asked. “Do I have to pay import tax? What if my container falls off the ship? What if these cheap caskets from China are… well… just that… ‘cheap’, low quality, or damaged?

He continued with his concerns.

“The people at the factory don’t speak clear English. I don’t feel like they understand my questions, or I don’t understand their answers.”

The concerns went on and on. “Don’t worry, Bob”, I replied. “I have the answers to all these questions. Let me answer them right now.”

I then went on and explained EVERYTHING that you’ll learn in the “How To Import Caskets From China” guide. I laid out the whole process from beginning to end, allaying all his fears and ensuring him that Chinese made caskets were high quality and that we would inspect his caskets before they were shipped. I also reminded him, since he was using our inspection service, that we would help him negotiate with the factory if any of the caskets he received were damaged.

Even with all this hand-holding, Bob was STILL nervous. We put in the order with the Chinese casket manufacturer and Bob wired the down payment to China. A LONG 60 days followed before Bob received his caskets. They were all flawless, and needless to say, Bob was ecstatic. He remained my loyal customer until he retired several years later.

You TOO, can have a smooth and “flawless” process purchasing from a Chinese casket manufacturer by following the steps in my “How To Import Caskets From China” guide.

What are you waiting for? Hurry before the 50% discount offer ends.


High Quality Chinese Caskets at 70% of US Wholesale Prices

One Source China LLC helps you import products from China at factory costs. You will pay the lowest cost for high quality wood and metal burial caskets on the planet.

China caskets are of the same high quality as any of the leading US casket manufacturers, but at a fraction of the cost. Our clients save anywhere from $500 to $4000 per casket.

However, importing products from China is complicated and risky for most small business and it involves various processes from communication with the factory to shipping them to your warehouse. There is quite a bit to manage from start to finish.

One Source China LLC handles the whole process for you for an extremely low service fee so your costs remain low. Our service fee is lower than what it costs you to travel to China to inspect your order before it ships. Our staff in China inspects all our clients orders before they ship so you can be certain that you will get what you paid for at the quality you expect.

Our services include:

  • The handling of your order with the casket manufacturers in China
  • Making sure that any custom requests you have are clearly communicated to the factory
  • Inspecting your caskets onsite at the factory before they are packaged for shipping
  • Ensuring that the factory corrects any mistakes or defects before shipping to you
  • Handling all logistics so your caskets are delivered directly from the factory in China to your door in the USA
  • Clearing customs
  • Facilitating all communication with the factory including the resolution of problems that may arise
  • Negotiating credit for damaged caskets that are the fault of the factory

We assist in importing golf carts, utility vehicles, electronic products, computer and cell phone accessories. Want to import something else? Let us know and we’ll find it for you.