Chinese Casket Import and Consulting Services

One Source China LLC provides a complete solution for small and midsized businesses seeking to take advantage of the huge savings provided by Chinese suppliers.

Doing business in China is not as easy as picking up a phone or ordering from a web site. Successful business interactions with Chinese in China requires that you BE in China, otherwise the venture is likely to fail. Over 50% of all imports from China ends in some form of dispute. Large corporations avoid these disputes by sending employees to China to supervise production and manage quality. Small and midsized businesses can’t afford to do this.

This is where One Source China LLC comes in. We are your office in China. We make purchasing caskets manufactured in China effortless. It’s as easy as filling out a purchase order.

We do the rest!

One Source China LLC:

  • Audits factories
  • Selectively chooses only qualified and competent factories
  • provides quality supervision during manufacturing process
  • Inspects all orders before leaving the factory for shipping to you
  • Coordination of shipping and export documentation
  • Deals with customs, insurance, tariffs and taxes
  • Handles all logistics/shipping from the factory in China to your front door

We take the hassle out of importing caskets from Chinese casket manufacturers.

Want To Import Chinese Caskets On Your Own?

Purchase my How To Import Caskets From China guide. This detailed guide walks you through, step-by-step, the entire casket ordering and importing process.